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Liqvd Asia Case Study - Legrand India
  • challenge

    How can a brand from a low-involvement category create a website where their customers from both the B2B and B2C sections can navigate easily, and find relevant content at every turn?

  • approach

    We realised the way B2C consumers approach a website is very different from the way their B2B counterparts do. Keeping this in mind, we designed a website which allowed all users to navigate through with ease.

  • solution

    Realising dual need for both sets of consumers, the website’s navigation was divided into two sections; a technical, jargon-heavy, section relevant to their B2B consumers; and a simplified one, relevant to their B2C consumers.

  • result

    After the launch of the website, Legrand’s customers’ monthly involvement online increased by x%. The website’s bounce rate also dropped by 12%.

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Expanding a B2B website to include B2C

Being a brand from a low-involvement category, Legrand’s main audience was B2B. But since they wanted to cater to their B2C consumers as well, they realised one website wouldn’t cut it for both. Being jargon and technically heavy would drive away potential consumers instead. Which is why they created a single website, but with two approaches – what the company wanted to say, and what the consumers wanted to see. Through a simple section called I am and I Need, they simplified the search mechanism for their B2C consumers. They could now navigate through the website efficiently, and without coming across any unnecessary jargon. Legrand further divided their B2C searches into 4 verticals that they operate in. To further simplify the consumer journey, the verticals were divided into multiple spaces – bedroom, garage, hall, and more, so the consumers would find relevant products with every search. What people are comfortable with most, is their own environment. And this is the behaviour Legrand targeted, by making sure they related to the spaces.

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