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"Our culture provides the perfect ecosystem for personal growth to flourish and creativity to soar."

- Vivek Suchanti, Group Chairman

Liqvd Asia embraces and respects a POV, no matter who it comes from. It’s the same with good ideas. We encourage a culture of diversity, innovation and empowerment.

Go ahead. Explore the stories of our team members, each contributing a piece to our vibrant mosaic of talents and experiences. Discover team-building events fostering camaraderie and aspirations. Dive into a world where creativity flourishes, ideas are welcomed, and each member is integral to our shared success. Welcome to the cultural heartbeat of our company, where every individual is not just an employee but a valued contributor to our extraordinary journey.

The four pillars of progress

Picture this: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, the air at Liqvd Asia is charged with anticipation as we embark on The Liqvd Learning Journey (TLLJ). It's not just a session; it's a kaleidoscope of knowledge-sharing, an expedition into the uncharted territories of insight. TLLJ is where ideas mingle, curiosity takes flight, and learning becomes an art form. And when you need a space for your intellectual acrobatics, our LA Think Tank awaits – your personal playground for brainstorming, always keeping it relevant to our brand DNA.

Midweek at Liqvd Asia isn't just a hump day; it's a canvas for collaboration, aptly named "Wednesday Wisdom". Step into a world where insights flow freely, where minds converge to birth brilliance. Collaboration is not a choice; it's the heartbeat of our workweek, turning every Wednesday into a collective symphony of creativity.

In the delicate dance of life and work, Liqvd Asia introduces "Synergy." It's not just about flexible hours; but also about creating an environment where personal and professional lives blend seamlessly. Our 8-8 framework gives you the full control to work at your pace. Here, we believe that a well-balanced life is the secret sauce for personal and professional triumphs. Synergy isn't just a concept; it's a commitment to fostering an atmosphere where you can thrive, both personally and professionally.

Liqvd Asia isn't your typical office space; it's a playground of creativity, a stage for the vibrant rhythm of life. Imagine music sessions that transform the mundane into melodies, cycles that spin ideas as much as wheels, Funky Fridays that infuse the office with a kaleidoscope of colours, meet-ups that spark connections, and festive celebrations that turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. This is not a mere workplace; it's a canvas where the strokes of fun, creativity and vibrancy paint the masterpiece of our collective journey.

A culture of future

Creating an inclusive enviroment

Evaluating our growth and keeping up
with the best practices

How our team
makes work fun

Smashing work stress away – where every rally is a victory!

Embracing the vibrant spirit of Onam with joy and unity.

Splashes of color, bursts of joy – celebrating Holi, the office way!

Feasting on success and good food – because great teams celebrate together!

Sparkling moments and shining teamwork – illuminating the office with christmas cheer!

Capturing memories, one group selfie at a time.

Join our culture

Calling all rockstars! Join the stellar crew, and let's transform ideas into pure, unadulterated brilliance!

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