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Indiabulls Home Loans wanted to create communication that would vibe with the evolving personality of its core target mind-set-the evolving Indian Man.

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The concept of a man in contemporary society is in a perpetual state of transformation. He no longer adheres solely to the traditional image of a strong provider; he plays the roles of a devoted father, a loving husband, and much more. Just as he demonstrates his multifaceted nature in his interactions with Indiabulls, his personality reflects various aspects.


The latest communication highlighted the evolving hardworking man who had become a well-rounded individual, specifically focusing on the 100% Dad. We crafted a campaign, "100% Dad. 200% our kind of guy," featuring emotional real-life stories that beautifully echoed the emerging persona of the modern Indian man.



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We love the spirit of Abbys. Be it creative or media,
we have won it all. But we still go back for it.
Heaven knows we have been Kyoorius.
And we have a few elephants in the room to prove it.
Two things haven’t changed since the beginning:
1) Our digital first DNA.
2) Our winning streak at IDMA.
In all honesty, we always had the X factor.
It was proven when Digixx awarded us
the Social Media Agency of the Year.

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