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Keep winning.

An award winning social case that inspires everyone to never give up for Pfizer.


Pfizer is a brand that has always been at the forefront of the fight against cancer, with its investment in R&D, and its innovative approach to treating cancer. But when it comes to cancer, the will to fight is as important as the treatment, if not more. The goal was to create a film that gives cancer patients the one thing they need the most- Inspiration.


We call people who are cancer survivors and have battled it. But the truth is, they aren’t just survivors. They are winners. So who better to inspire cancer patients than the ones who have redefined the term ‘Cancer Survivor’.


We identified 4 cancer patients who are now prominent athletes, and created a film that brought their stories to life. Using sports as a metaphor, the film lands a message that no battle is lost as long as you keep fighting. The film was released on World Cancer Day.

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We love the spirit of Abbys. Be it creative or media,
we have won it all. But we still go back for it.
Heaven knows we have been Kyoorius.
And we have a few elephants in the room to prove it.
Two things haven’t changed since the beginning:
1) Our digital first DNA.
2) Our winning streak at IDMA.
In all honesty, we always had the X factor.
It was proven when Digixx awarded us
the Social Media Agency of the Year.

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