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Liqvd Asia Case Study - BMW
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How BMW Brought its Features to Life

the challenge

In 2014, our digital marketing agency was assigned the responsibility of providing a remarkable digital experience for premium BMW users during the launch of the BMW i3 at the BMW World event. To achieve this, we developed a mobile platform that allowed users to easily book event tickets, access car features, view event highlights, and engage with exclusive AR content at the event site. Furthermore, we integrated Connected Print Ads to augment the user experience. Through our experiential marketing efforts, we ensured that the launch event was interactive and innovative, leading to a higher ROI than anticipated.

consumer insight

Consumers like being in control of their own experiences.

The more the consumers can interact with hidden content, the stronger the desire to associate with the brand.
solution - The Idea

In 2014, our Mumbai-based digital marketing agency was commissioned to create an innovative digital experience for the launch of the BMW i3 at BMW World. Our mobile platform provided users with the ability to book event tickets, view event highlights, access car features, and engage with exclusive Augmented Reality content. The incorporation of Connected Print Ads further enhanced the overall experience. Our objective was to make the event engaging and memorable, resulting in a higher ROI than expected. Our agency offers a variety of digital marketing services, including experiential marketing and augmented reality solutions.

Consumers could discover and customise their own dream BMW i3.

We added life to the BMW venture during the i3 Launch.
All features came alive via our mobile experience; Connected Print Ads made it even better.

Our solution for BMW during the World Event 2014 was a disruptive one for the Singaporean market, where the engagement on the brand increase significantly and an extreme sense of feel good factor was created around the brand BMW.

Conversions. Reactions. Delight.

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