The 'We Made In India' first chapter made its mark. Catch a glimpse of the picture-perfect moments stored with DigiBoxx.

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How we craft
our branded content

At Liqvd Asia, we understand that in today's dynamic digital landscape, it's not just about selling a product or service; it's about telling a story. Our ideas aim to position your brand as a captivating storyteller, weaving narratives that transcend traditional marketing boundaries.

  1. Strategic Storytelling
    We go beyond the ordinary to develop narratives that align with your brand values and resonate with your audience. Our team of experienced storytellers crafts compelling tales that create an emotional connection and build brand loyalty.

  2. Visual Brilliance
    A picture is worth a thousand words, and a well-crafted visual can convey your brand message more powerfully. Our design team specializes in creating visually stunning content that enhances your brand aesthetics and leaves a lasting impression.

  3. Content Optimization
    We don't just create content; we optimize it for maximum impact. Through data-driven insights and continuous analysis, we refine our strategies to ensure your Branded Content not only captures attention but also converts leads into loyal customers.

  4. Authenticity and Transparency
    In an era where authenticity is paramount, we prioritize transparency in our storytelling. We help your brand communicate its values and mission authentically, building trust with your audience.

What we created

How Mufti Showed Men How to

We aimed to redefine 24/7 jeans living via digital media for Mufti. The approach was to expand Joggers into a lifestyle concept, and the solution included social teasers, a video, a digital survival guide, and a microsite, showcasing the brand's commitment to an inclusive and adaptable lifestyle.

Vibes don’t lie

For Legrand we adopted a content-centric strategy for B2C engagement, focusing on relevance and relatability. "The Good Vibes," a web series subtly featuring their products, capitalized on Indians' 1.27 hours of weekly digital video content consumption, successfully integrating Legrand's appliances into everyday life.


We love the spirit of Abbys. Be it creative or media,
we have won it all. But we still go back for it.
Heaven knows we have been Kyoorius.
And we have a few elephants in the room to prove it.
Two things haven’t changed since the beginning:
1) Our digital first DNA.
2) Our winning streak at IDMA.
In all honesty, we always had the X factor.
It was proven when Digixx awarded us
the Social Media Agency of the Year.

We tranform

We are here
to solve your
greatest problem

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