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How we work
with the web

Web 3.0 represents the next evolutionary step in the internet's development, characterized by decentralization, blockchain technology, and enhanced user experiences. As traditional marketing models adapt to this new era, we recognize the need to embrace decentralization, foster community engagement, and leverage emerging technologies to redefine the digital marketing landscape.

  1. Community-Centric Approach
    Web 3.0 is about shifting from a centralized control model to one that empowers communities. We recognize the power of community engagement and leverage decentralized platforms to build and nurture online communities around brands. Through interactive forums, decentralized applications (DApps), and token-based incentives, we facilitate meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, creating a sense of ownership and loyalty within the community.

  2. Smart Contracts for Marketing Automation
    The integration of smart contracts into our Web 3.0 marketing strategy brings a new level of automation and efficiency. Smart contracts, powered by blockchain, allow for automated and transparent execution of marketing agreements. Whether it's influencer partnerships, affiliate marketing, or loyalty programs, smart contracts streamline processes, eliminate intermediaries, and ensure that all stakeholders in the marketing ecosystem are fairly compensated.

  3. Tokenized Incentives and Loyalty Programs
    Web 3.0 introduces the concept of tokenization, and we harness the power of tokens to create innovative incentive and loyalty programs. By issuing utility tokens, brands can reward users for engagement, loyalty, and advocacy. These tokens can be redeemed for exclusive products, and services, or even traded within the community, creating a new dimension of value and engagement in the brand-consumer relationship.

  4. Data Privacy and Ownership
    Web 3.0 places a heightened emphasis on data privacy and user ownership. We ensure that our marketing strategies comply with evolving data protection regulations and prioritize user consent. Through decentralized identity solutions and permission-based data sharing, we empower users to control their data, fostering a sense of trust and ownership in the online environment.

What we created


Shaze sought to redesign its e-commerce site to align with its "Living More Than" brand philosophy, emphasizing breaking barriers and transcending limitations. Their key insight was centered on utilizing reflections to vividly express their brand ethos and products.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce wanted to launch one of their high-end Wraith cars, emphasizing its grandeur. They sought a digital marketing agency to create a user-friendly website highlighting the car's unique features for prospective customers. Their insight led to a customized microsite for Wraith's launch in Singapore and Hong Kong, facilitating VVIP RSVPs for an exclusive event, and showcasing their dedication to an impeccable UI/UX experience.


We love the spirit of Abbys. Be it creative or media,
we have won it all. But we still go back for it.
Heaven knows we have been Kyoorius.
And we have a few elephants in the room to prove it.
Two things haven’t changed since the beginning:
1) Our digital first DNA.
2) Our winning streak at IDMA.
In all honesty, we always had the X factor.
It was proven when Digixx awarded us
the Social Media Agency of the Year.

We tranform

We are here
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