Top tools to find backlink opportunities for SEO


In our previous articles, we have discussed the importance of search engine optimization and its strategies. Additionally, we have listed search engine optimization as one of the top 5 digital marketing tactics that businesses must include to spread brand awareness about their business in 2021.

There are top 2 ways that every business follows to rank on page 1 of SERP. You will find all the strategies around these two ways.

Top 2 ways of ranking high on search engines

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization

We do several activities like creating website blogs, optimizing the existing content, updating the title & meta description, etc., concerning the on-page optimization. In the case of off-page optimization, the most crucial activity is to create backlinks on third-party websites.

>Backlinks form an integral part of the SEO strategy for businesses to grow their online presence and rank on page 1 of SERP. Though it is not the only way of ranking, companies need to develop their backlinking partnerships with other websites, as we mentioned above.

While searching for backlink opportunities, we need to keep a few things in our mind.

Things to keep in mind while finding backlinking opportunities

  • Ensure the website you are searching for has a high Domain Score. It will ultimately help you to improve your domain score and improve your ranking.
  • Ensure that the website you are searching for matches your niche of work. Unless and until you don’t have backlinks from websites working in the same niche as you are in, you will not target your audience.
  • Ensure that the backlinking website has a low toxic score.

Before we list the tools, we would love to note that some businesses try to spam Google by just creating backlinks without any informational/specific content. Remember, Google now understands such spam content and does not rank such pages on Google. You need to provide quality content everywhere.

At Liqvd Asia, our SEO team has been relatively successful in building links from websites specific to our client’s niche. In doing so, we have taken the help of several tools. We are listing the top 3 tools we have used over the years for link-building opportunities here.

Top 3 tools to find backlink opportunities for SEO

  • Semrush
    Since we are here to talk about backlinks and opportunities, we expect you to have already a list of keywords you want to rank for or are already ranking. Once you know the keyword, you can effortlessly search on Google regarding the businesses ranking for it already. Once you have the URL ranking for the keyword, half of our work is done.
    Now open Semrush and navigate to Backlink Analytics. Enter the URL and check. In the tab Backlinks, you will find all the websites from where your competitor is getting the backlinks.
    Once you have a list of websites your competitor is getting backlinks from, you can then reach out to those prospects by crafting a mail or connecting with their support team.
  • Google
    You might be wondering how Google can become one of our top tools for finding backlink opportunities. We have used it to find link-building opportunities in the past few years.There are advanced search operators that you can use on Google to find link-building opportunities. Like,You can see in the example that we are trying to find some guest blogging sites for the fitness-specific domain. In all, there are 42 advanced search operators that you can use.
  • Google Alerts
    Google Alerts become a handy tool in finding content published on the internet specifically to your niche of work, competitor, or industry. Suppose you create an alert for a ‘digital marketing agency in Mumbai.’ Then, you will receive alerts on your registered email address regarding the content using this keyword.
    You might be wondering how alerts will help you to find prospects for link building. Here is how you can use these alerts effectively.
  • Monitor the mentions of your competitors

    If some website is backlinking using this keyword, you can connect with the prospect and start the link partnership.
  • Monitor if someone mentions your brand name
    Suppose we keep an alert for Liqvd Asia, then all the websites mentioning our brand will be sent to us as an alert. Now, there may be a case where websites are not linking back to us. In such a scenario, we can connect with the prospect and start a link partnership.

Remember, these are not the only tools our SEO team utilizes to build external sources’ links. We do have to make use of several other tools and tactics to create backlinks for our clients. If you wish to know more about how our SEO team works and helps clients build backlinks, you can connect with us.


The tools we mentioned above are very easy to use. The tools we discussed specific to Google are free, whereas Semrush is chargeable. You can share this in your contact and let us know if you find it beneficial in building your link partnerships.

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