Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends during the Festive Season 2021


Despite the current Corona Virus pandemic and the economic slowdown, Indian festivals are considered as the best time for the brands to increase their return on investment. E-commerce platforms like Amazon made $600 million during Diwali 2020.

While TV and print have shown a considerable reduction in growth, digital has shown a high volume growth. We expect that the ad spends on digital will increase during the festive season 2021, considering the amount of time it will take to find the best vaccine for the Corona Virus.

Here are top 5 digital marketing trends during the festive season 2021 that Liqvd Asia thinks will bag better.

Top 5 digital marketing trends this festive season

  • Every brand will try to speak first on social media
    During the festive season, brands expect a spike in their profits. But, since the competition is fierce on social media, how should brands break the clutter?
    According to one research by Mitchelle Jansen, Regional Head Operations, WATConsult, it is proved that it is not just about grabbing the eyeballs. You need to do it first and then maintaining the recall.
    In terms of creatives and messaging, brands will focus on nostalgia, memories and relate to the present coronavirus situation. Let us see one example from the past.
    Wishing you a very #HappyMakarSankranti! If you’re thinking of what to make this #MakarSankranti, we suggest to go with Til Ke Ladoo till the end! With Havells Grinder by your side, you can never go wrong with this classic:
    — Havells (@havellsindia) January 14, 2019
    Over here, you can see that Havells tried to connect with the audience during ‘Makar Sankranti’ with the famous sweet ‘Til Laddu.’
  • Maximum discounts on E-Commerce platforms
    The festive season is the time when E-Commerce platforms receive 30% of the yearly sales. Not only in the metro cities, but there is also a considerable jump in the number of sales from the non-metro cities.
    With more customers relying on online shopping, it is becoming difficult for offline traders/retailers to continue with offline tactics. We have the best solution for them. As per our research, it is the best time for small businesses to focus on marketing their products on social media & listing them on E-Commerce platforms if possible.
  • Digital Marketing – Search Engine Optimization
    What is the first sentence that comes to your mind when you think of something out of your knowledge?
    “Google It!”
    Every festive season, the number of users searching on Google with the festival focused keywords increases. All the brands have a great chance to increase their visibility on search engines during the festive season.
  • Influencer Marketing
    While there are many other strategies that brands will adopt during the festive season, influencer marketing is one such strategy that you can use to create greater visibility on social media.
    You will see several brands collaborating with celebrities/influencers during this year’s festive season to promote their brands and keep the buzz around their sales.
  • Usage of meaningful memes
    This is a strategy that always trends, whether festive or not. But this year, you might see brands using various memes to send out messages to their target audience.

You might see such stuff coming up this year during the festive/non-festive season.

With increasing awareness about digital media, Liqvd Asia presumes that users are more likely to attach with you and your brands in 2021 if you have a good rapport with them on digital platforms.

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