The Story Behind Liqvd Asia’s Award-Winning Social Media Strategy for Vega

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Vega, a pioneer of at-home styling, identified a trend in the adoption of home styling, particularly among the Gen Z audience. This trend presented an opportunity to turn a trend into a habit and create brand loyalty. Vega recognized that they needed not only the right products but also the right push to achieve this.


The challenge was to create a campaign that would appeal to the Gen Z audience and encourage them to make at-home styling a regular part of their routine. Vega needed to create a campaign that would be impactful and generate buzz on social media.


To create the perfect campaign, LIQVD ASIA used a multi-faceted strategy. First, we identified the perfect brand ambassador. We chose Ananya Pandey, someone who practiced the Befikar philosophy to live to laugh, to do, to undo, to be confident, to be stylish, and to be themselves. This was a great way to symbolize Gen Z’s expressive nature while highlighting their free-spirited selves.

Next, We roped in leading influencers from different interest segments, each sharing their befikar journey. Here, our plan was to contextualize its message to support causes that Vega’s audience related to. To create a buzz, We launched the campaign with various reasons going live on the same day, thus turning the campaign into what seemed like a movement.


Our campaign for Vega was called “Flaunt Your Befikar.” Through this, we encouraged the company’s customers to share their at-home styling moments on social media using the hashtag #FlauntYourBefikar. The campaign was promoted on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It was a massive success, and soon enough, over 136,000 people flaunted their Befikar on social media, increasing Vega’s follower base by 62% and garnering an engagement rate of 5%.


Our campaign for Vega also taught the company the power of earned media, generating 3.5 million rupees and a 4.5x increase in website traffic. The videos created as part of the campaign garnered a total of 28 million views with an organic reach of 50 million from 200 influencers. Most importantly, Vega’s best-selling three-in-one styler witnessed a 2.9x jump in online sales thanks to LIQVD’s efforts..


LIQVD ASIA’s “Flaunt Your Befikar” campaign was a massive success, turning a trend into a lifestyle. By identifying the perfect brand ambassador, using leading influencers, and contextualizing its message to support causes that its audience related to, we were able to create a buzz on social media, generate earned media, and increase website traffic and online sales.

Our efforts not only increased major performance metrics and sales for Vega, but also won us 

Influencer Marketing Award at the DIGIXX Awards 2023. Liqvd Asia’s excellence in creating innovative and effective social media campaigns won the agency the gold award for the Social Media Agency of the Year.

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