The snowball effect: 5 Reasons for the growth of Digital Marketing Agencies

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It has been evident from the past few years that online and inbound marketing has been gaining great speed and shows no sign of stopping. A number of Digital marketing agencies in India have come up and every day we hear the names of new ones.
. Companies and industries understand the hold online platforms have on the Indian masses and how they can use it to drive their sales. SEO service companies in India are quickly becoming one of the most sought after resources for companies looking to make themselves known in the digital sphere.

But why have digital marketing agencies in India grown at such an exponential rate? We have listed the 5 reasons we feel are leading to the rise of online marketing agencies:

  1. Prioritization:

While there are several online platforms, companies do not have the resources required to tap into all of them. A marketing agency can look at the companies specific objectives and help to prioritize which platforms to focus on. Since agencies have a methodology to understand the client-type, they are able to support more companies every week.

  1. Specialisation:

Marketing before was relatively easier and far simpler. Programs were limited to direct mails, events, print ads and radio and television campaigns. Companies today are turning to SEO service companies, SEM, PPC, all media channels, webinars, infographics, etc. One person cannot handle all these channels as the industry becomes more granular and specialist driven. Agencies are able to provide expertise on certain channels or create a campaign which is targeted specifically.

  1. Globalisation:

Competition today is not limited to just the rivals down the road. A company may fight a global competitor which is trying to target the audience in that specific locality. Digital marketing agencies in India, due to their contact with various clients, are able to keep their knowledge updated and their tactics sharp.

  1. Long Tail:

With low cost ‘SaaS’ solutions ad low infrastructure costs, entry into to the digital sphere is fairly easy for small, new agencies. These agencies provide digital marketing to small scale local businesses, replacing the need for them to advertise in the yellow pages.

  1. Metrics:

With a larger budget being reserved for online marketing, scrutiny for the above points is sure to follow. Agencies generally tend to keep consistent metrics and reporting paradigms to measure programs and justify their budget claims.

Digital marketing agencies in India have slowly become an essential aspect in marketing and advertising. Specialised agencies such as SEO service companies in India have gone from being small scale businesses to well-known names handling very big brand names. With their far reach and efficient, they have cemented their place in the market of today’s businesses.

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