15 Months. 456 Experiences. And a Journey I Never Want to End.


Oliver Holmes was right,

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions”.

It has been over 15 eventful months in Liqvd Asia, and the learning curve has only spiraled itself up, up and way beyond my imagination!

I have experienced the best of both worlds, personal and professional, and have really grown at Liqvd Asia. From a media buyer and campaign executor to a full-fledged media strategist and planner, every step of my journey here added a new dimension to my life. And helped me climb up the ladder.

Certified as the “LA SPOC in Digital Media”, I’ve had the privilege of taking over the entire partner-relationship management. And I was offered complete freedom, perhaps why, I felt empowered to learn and adapt. I discovered the utility of various new platforms to deliver quality results to clients, sharpening my buying skills and learning effective ways of campaign optimization.

Since I am an avid socialite and I love meeting and understanding people of all walks of life, partners and clients became an extended family.

Here, we believe in being a transparent agency, which has further helped me in developing stronger work relationships and partnerships with various publishing houses and clients.
I have started believing in “Planning led buying” that has helped me gain a proper direction towards the overall development, from delivering better strategies and plans, offering well negotiated rates and delivering quality results to the clients.

Liqvd Asia is a level playing field and we work as one team, so I have worked closely with almost all the departments which has further shaped my worldview. People of the creative team, tech team, business management and client servicing alike have become the closest associates.

I have understood the real value of collaboration at Liqvd Asia but what is closer to my heart is the friends I have made here. The best in the industry have proved to be mentors of a lifetime and I look forward to making a mark, as I journey on. And gather new experiences.

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