Innovations that will change how you look at Social Media in 2015

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Social Media is now an integral part in our lives with the growth of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

We have always associated Social Media with pictures, friends, followers and chats ever since its inception. Well, 2015 isn’t going to be the same with many ideas and innovations yet to take place.

Let’s look at a few ways Social Media will evolve in the year 2015:

Social Media wants to be your wallet: Reports released in 2014 disclose a hidden payment feature inside Facebook’s Messenger Application. This allows over 200 million users on the Facebook Messenger App to send money across to each other by just feeding in debit card information. This will be hassle-free and at no additional costs. Facebook will also allow its users to feed in their credit card information, which allows the user to then check out 4,50,000 e-commerce merchants across the World Wide Web. In future, Facebook may charge for money transactions and try to pull in more advertisers too.

Shop on Social Media: The two social media giants Twitter and Facebook have been experimenting with this feature for a year now. The concept of placing the ‘Buy’ button next to a tweet or an Ad Post allows users to make purchases with just a click or two. Usually a Tweet or an Advertisement Post followed by an immediate purchase has always proved to be a challenge. Social Media will now store the payment details of its users, enabling them to make on-the-spot purchases with just a click of the button.

Your smart devices will get even Smarter: Right from the refrigerator at home to your smart watch, everything is getting more Internet-friendly, pushing notifications to Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. The idea is to improve the social intelligence of smart devices. For example, your new smart fridge would track your Facebook events and alert you to make a beer run, if it sees you’re planning a party and knows the number of people who have reverted positively. In this way your smart devices will track your interaction with friends and followers over Social Media and respond accordingly, making the device smarter.

Social Media Privacy comes to Life: Everyone thought that the popular selfie app ‘Snapchat’ was confided to privacy. But that wasn’t the case. Snapchat was hacked and thousands of photos sent through Snapchat were posted on the Internet. Facebook and Twitter users were concerned about their personal data being sold to advertisers and becoming viral. Taking this into consideration, Facebook initiated its new ‘chat app rooms’ which allows users to create chat rooms around common interests without having to reveal their identity or location. Now users can relax and not worry about their personal data being out in the public domain.

These trends are sure to create a new revolution around Social Media that will definitely change the way we use it.

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