IndoSpace links up with Liqvd Asia for "Linking the Limitless" campaign


IndoSpace, India’s leading industrial and logistics real estate investor, has launched a new brand philosophy campaign called “Linking The Limitless.” This ambitious initiative marks a significant milestone in IndoSpace’s journey as it positions itself as the pivotal bridge between today’s achievements and tomorrow’s boundless possibilities.

Liqvd Asia, renowned for its avant-garde approach to marketing and storytelling, has been instrumental in shaping the creative direction of “Linking the Limitless”. Their collaboration with IndoSpace has yielded a campaign that not only encapsulates the essence of the brand but also sets a new standard in the industry.

At the heart of the campaign is the theme ‘Connect with your tomorrow’, which reflects IndoSpace’s aspiration to transcend traditional real estate roles. By positioning itself as an enabler of boundless opportunities, IndoSpace aims to propel progressive ideas towards unprecedented growth and innovation.

This strategic endeavor not only aims to fortify IndoSpace’s market presence but also reaffirms its pivotal role as a transformative force in the industrial and logistics sector.

The campaign rollout includes a series of strategic elements designed to resonate with IndoSpace’s diverse audience, including a dynamic social media presence, a captivating brand film introducing the concept of limitless possibilities together with its offline and online manifestations, and the integration of ‘iSpace’, IndoSpace’s bespoke intranet platform designed to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders.

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