Google Panda 4.0 Update!

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Digital Industries are facing chaos these days. It’s all because of the new Google Panda 4.0 update that rolled out on 20th May 2014. As always there are many anticipated winners and losers balancing the act of keeping up the SERP competition. eBay till now has supposed to have lost its rank considerably and is suggested to be the biggest looser till now.

Well, let’s understand who does Panda target?

Panda is designed to element with the content of the website and eliminate any sort of duplicacy and short content pieces.

To be a Panda friendly website you certainly have to concentrate on the content marketing plans. Take a journey through the points below and you will know what is that you should do in order to be in the Good Books of Panda:

– Avoid use of Duplicate content within your site i.e. do not mess by copying same content within the same domain even in the meta tags

– Focus to create unique content, specially engaging content. Make sure the content is of high quality and take time to frame articles in minimum 600 words. Photos and Videos must be used wherever necessary in order to compliment the content.

– Make sure all the deep links of your website have unique title and descriptions. Duplicates should be revised immediately.

As per the points above, it is clear that thin content and duplicates are at loss. Panda 4.0 seems to be a major algorithmic update and not a simple data refresh.

Every SEO company is busy auditing their sites for now, but we suggest you to take some time as the algorithm is quite volatile right now. It will soon stabilize and then we can identify the major flaws and get them corrected. Till then take some break and keep your fingers crossed!

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