Facebook Feature for the Page Admins: Know who posted!

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After the 10th Birthday Celebration, Facebook has come up with a new feature for the page admins!

This morning a new message flashed on Facebook Pages that says “Starting on February 20, the names of admins will show next to their posts and comments. This will be visible to anyone with an admin role on your Page.”

Facebook Admin new Feature | facebook feature

The “Learn More” link takes you to the Help Center Page titled “If multiple people help manage my Page, how can I see who posted something?” In addition to just regular posting, this feature will highlight the name of the person who scheduled the post on the page as well.

We are glad that Facebook is continuously putting its efforts in making things more organized for admins. This Facebook feature will surely help in more management and co-ordination among the admins of the business/community pages. We look forward to the practical execution and the help that this feature will provide in the coming days.

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