What’s changed, what’s the same? Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing

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While digital advertising agencies and traditional advertising companies may seem to work towards the same goal, their manner of doing so is vastly different. Marketing has been one of the age old practices of businesses as it is the best way to spread awareness about your company and products. While advertising on traditional platforms such as print, radio and television is still very much in practice, we are seeing a gradual shift of focus from traditional advertising to digital advertising. Usage of social media has grown exponentially in India in the past few years as have the number of digital advertising agency and social media marketing agencies.

But what has changed with the advent of digital marketing? We have listed some of the differences between the two mediums:

  1. Communication:

In traditional marketing, the train of communication is unidirectional as the customer is generally not able to communicate to the supplier. However, digital advertising agencies have multi-directional communication in which the company would actively communicate with the consumers, both by talking and listening to their feedback.

Traditional marketing agencies also have lesser customer interactions as they must be planned before hand and take longer due to the use of letters, calls and emails. Digital marketing agencies use the internet to communicate with their customers thereby making responding to them a much quicker process.

  1. Scheduling:

Traditional marketing campaigns are usually well thought out over a long period of time and they follow a specific schedule. Digital marketing campaigns also require a sufficient amount of time to plan and execute but there is a greater amount of room for adjustment during the campaign. This is due to the rapid rate of response from the consumers, which means that as the campaign continues, it can be edited based on the feedback.

  1. Availability:

The availability of the company for the consumer has also changed with the change towards digital marketing. Where one response from the company to the consumer could only occur during work hours, digital advertising agencies usually have various people on shift which means that responses would occur much more often.

  1. Scope:

The biggest difference between traditional and digital marketing agencies would be the scope of the project and its reach. Traditional marketing makes use of lesser resources and hence their campaigns would have a set target audience. Digital marketing agencies also set a specific target audience for their campaigns; the content is available to the public as a whole.SEO service provider agencies are able to increase the reach of the campaigns exponentially through optimizing search engines.

While digital marketing is making impressive strides in the advertising field, people are used to seeing advertisements in print and on the TV. Traditional marketing is also great for reaching out to local audiences. The increased scope of digital marketing as well as the increased rate of interaction makes digital marketing very desirable for companies. It is also easier to measure the effectiveness of a digital ad campaign due to metrics. Practices such as SEO and SMM are becoming sought after qualities in potential employees. Several SEO service provider agencies have been formed, providing targeted services for companies looking to spread their name further in the online sphere. While digital marketing is looking to be the future, companies still use the traditional forms of advertising as well.

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