COVID-19 : 5 Steps Taken at Liqvd Asia To Protect Its Employees

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Maharashtra, India’s most industrialized and urbanized state has been affected the most, by one of the worst ever public health crisis in recent history in the form of the Covid-19, aka the Corona outbreak.

When the government was contemplating a work from home policy for at least 50% of the workforce to contain the spread of the Virus, LIQVD Asia Advertising Agency announced WORK FROM HOME for all its employees, as a measure to safeguard them.

Here are 5 ways in which Liqvd Asia empowered its employees against Covid-19.

1. AWARENESS SESSION AND WORKSHOP WAS PLANNED BY HR on March 12, 2020, wherein HR spoke about      #MaintainingPersonalHygiene and suggested preventive measures such as #NoHandshake, #UsingTissues while coughing and sneezing, and also ensured complete safety and precaution within and around the premises. There were meticulous measures undertaken by the staff to prevent any infection, thereby ensuring utmost safety and wellbeing of the employees.

2. EMPLOYEES WERE ENCOURAGED TO USE MASKS AND SANITISERS WERE AVAILED TO THEM. All of this was done in an endeavour to prevent the inflow of any infection within the office premises and to ensure strict health and sanitation.

Biometric system for attendance was disabled temporarily to ensure safety as soon as anyone steps into the office.

4. WORK FROM HOME WAS IMPLEMENTED ONWARD MARCH 16, 2020. The much coveted measure was implemented for the larger wellbeing. VIDEO CONFERENCING and CONCALLS were facilitated by the CEO to smoothen the workflow while safeguarding all the LIQVD Asia employees.

5. AWARENESS AGAINST THE VIRUS WAS CREATED ACROSS LIQVD ASIA. An informative video was shared on the LIQVD Asia Whatspp group, along with an educative newsletter for widespread awareness. A host of relevant videos and articles were actively circulated on groups to keep the team informed and updated.

Employees are also advised against eating junk, to ensure which, healthy snacks and meals were availed at the pantry.

Liqvd Asia pledges to protect the team while battling Covid-19, by introducing and implementing adequate measures, and by assuring the team that them being quarantined and working remotely would not affect their salaries, in any manner whatsoever.

Liqvd Asia amended the leave policy to make provision for any employee who might detect the early symptoms of the virus or would want to keep away from work as a preventive measure. The “special leave” can be availed by anyone who is either diagnosed sick, or has been advised to, or decides to quarantine themselves.

The number of leaves can be indefinite, in the best interest of the employee to recover. The said employees will be entitled to receive unreduced salary while they are quarantined. The special leaves are exclusive of the sick leaves and privilege leaves.

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