A marketing tip for 2021 – Blend SEO and PPC

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When we talk about Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are the two terms that come to our mind. While SEO and PPC are two different methods, they work as the two sides of the coin.

We have seen brands treating these two aspects of search engine marketing differently. However, these two disciplines tend to drive the same goal of increasing website traffic. Hence, blending SEO & PPC is necessary to reach the business goals in 2021.

You might wonder, why as a brand, you need to integrate SEO & PPC. Here is why?

Why Integrate SEO and PPC?

The bottom line is that data is the lifeblood of SEO and PPC. SEO & PPC team can work effectively and efficiently only if data is available. If someone asks us, we will say that search engine marketing is a black box without data.

Here are the top 3 reasons why a brand must integrate SEO & PPC.

Top 3 reasons to integrate SEO & PPC

  • To leverage the valuable data to the fullest
    Utilizing each possible way of sourcing the data is crucial while running any search campaigns. It is a fact that every marketer & advertiser generates a hypothesis based on the user’s intent, keywords used to search, and many other valuable factors. In such a case, integrating SEO & PPC will give additional information to both teams. As a result, there are brighter chances of leveraging valuable data to drive better results.
  • To improve the customer’s experience
    As a marketer, you know that Google is continually changing its policies to improve the customer experience. Given that user experience is vital, the SEO team can feed valuable insights regarding what customers are looking for to the PPC team. Thus, helping the PPC team to create better campaigns to drive sales.
  • To close the keyword gaps
    While working with the PPC team, you have access to Google Ad’s search query report. On the other hand, if you are working with the SEO team, you can access the Google Search Console’s Search Query report.

By integrating SEO & PPC, you allow both teams to use valuable insights of reports to develop more targeted efforts.

How can you create a blend of SEO and PPC together?

While now, since you know the benefits of integrating the SEO & PPC, practically how to integrate still needs some clarification. Here are some of the best ways of blending SEO & PPC.

Best ways of integrating SEO & PPC

  • Using PPC keyword data for SEO
    The title sounds vague, but it is essential to implement this tactic practically. There are a few keywords that are too expensive when it comes to PPC. Such keywords can be used to drive traffic organically.
  • Using SEO keyword data for PPC
    There are a few long-tail keywords that can be used in PPC campaigns. Ideally, long-tail keywords are cheaper. This practical implementation will reduce the overall expenditure of PPC campaigns.
  • Using SEO results in Geo-Targeting during PPC campaigns
    An SEO team might notice an increase in the amount of traffic from any location. Sharing these insights with the PPC team might help them geo-target better, thus enhancing their PPC campaigns.


Frankly, topping in the search engine results is challenging. The ways we mentioned here to integrate SEO and PPC are just the initial steps. However, as a brand, you need to employ several strategies to create a proper blend of SEO & PPC.

As a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we have been experimenting with several strategies to create a blend of SEO & PPC for several of our clients. We have been successful in our approach and have produced better search engine marketing results for our clients.

If your brand needs help in integrating SEO & PPC, reach out to us. Our experts will help you know how we can use each discipline to max out your chances of ruling SERPs.

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