5 brands using Snapchat like a Rockstar

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Snapchat has quickly become one of the most widely used mobile messaging services, the main users being teenagers and young adults. The personal touch of Snapchat is missing from every other service in its category and that’s what makes it unique! Brands are able to use this tool to connect on a one-to-one basis with their fans and this could either make or break them. We’ve listed five brands we feel are excelling at their use of Snapchat:

Five brands using Snapchat:

Taco Bell

America’s most famous Mexican fast food chain, which has opened now in Mumbai as well, has been gaining a lot of popularity on Snapchat due to their campaigns. By sending out editable, punny messages to their followers, they are able to have them directly connect with the brand as well as spread the messages to their friends.


On Snapchat, Amazon revealed it’s more relaxed side by their latest common selfie problem campaign. Sending out pictures of their dog-friendly workplace with a series of badly taken selfies, Amazon was able to engage with their customers on a personal level. Asking for a selfie from their followers was also a good way to engage their younger demographic.


CNN switches to a more fun and relaxed route on Snapchat to appeal to the younger demographic of users. Their images often contain cartoons and illustrations rather than just headlines. Playing around with their brand is a good way to familiarise themselves with the newer generations of users while still sticking to their primary focus.


Street wear retailer Karmaloop has been able to gain a lot of traction on Snapchat after just a few weeks of using the service. Sending out risqué photos of models wearing their designs, Karmaloop is able to keep the interest of the public and promote their fashion line at the same time.

Food Network

The Food Network is one of the select brands featured on the Discover section of Snapchat. While this gives it a lot of viewership by itself, the content presented and the manner of the presentation is very engaging. A small video when you swipe up on the content is a good way to keep the visitor on the page.

Snapchat is becoming a very powerful tool in the hands of brands, helping them reach out to their customers on a personal level. Leveraging the intimacy that Snapchat creates will be a very important practice to learn in the future.

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