5 brands doing it right on Instagram!

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Instagram has become one of the newest social media platforms, which allow you to post ads. However, brands used it to promote themselves in various ways before the addition of this tool. Being a completely visual based platform, brands must ensure that each post is interesting and engaging for their followers. Here are five brands, which have consistently impressed us on Instagram:

Red Bull

The energy drink giant has made great strides on Instagram and has built itself a very large following. Their posts are varied, with the content dealing lesser with the actual product and more about how people would feel with Red Bull. Shots taken in interesting as well as challenging ways makes sure that Red Bull stays true to its message while providing something new.


The American retailer has taken what would have been a mundane outcome and given a twist to make the posts engaging and interesting. Each picture of the products found in their stores, is quirky with seasonal messages or shot from different perspectives to make it fun.


Sharpie has taken a very interactive method, to connect with their followers. They feature artwork done by their fans, tagging the creator in the post. They understand that showcasing the uses of their products by the consumer is a much better way to get their message across.

Warby Parker

A smaller company dealing in eyewear, Warby Parker has been steadily gaining a larger fan base with each passing day. Their secret to success is understanding their fan-base and making sure that their posts are relatable. Scrolling through their feed, one gets a “slice of life” feel with shots that you would expect from the everyday person.


The quirky Indian products sold by Chumbak always find their way onto Instagram thanks to excited buyers flaunting their purchases, a practice Chumbak encourages. Posting pictures of the mascot dog, Hugo, as well as the making of certain products, Chumbak makes its posts less intrusive yet trigger engaging.

There are many more accounts on Instagram, which are gathering a large following with every passing day. Brands using the platform intelligently will no doubt be able to improve their image and fan base with the public.

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