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Liqvd Asia Case Study - Kores India
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Children See, Children Do

the challenge

Parents today are either busy on social media or handing a digital screen to their children to keep them busy. Kores’ wanted to highlight this problem.

Kores’ objective was to highlight this behaviourial problem and make parents realise that what they call quality time with kids is actually distracted parenting.

consumer insight

Technology has overtaken our lives to such an extent, that parent-child time has been hijacked by screen-time. Not only is this detrimental to the child’s health, it also has adverse effects on the parent-child relationship, in the long run.

solution - The Idea

Kores conducted an unbranded social experiment where children role-played as their parents. The video results of the experiment led to the launch of #10MinsWithMummaPapa. They urged parents to spend quality time with their children, and introduced the Kores Stationary Kit; the “Do It Together (DIT) Kit” to help them do the same. Kores also collaborated with social content creators like Terribly Tiny Tales, Logical India and Arre for social articles.

We wanted to launch a product, but ended up generating revenue by creating inroads into a new category - the Do It Together Kits.

Kores’ campaign created a ripple effect in the minds of Indian parents. Not only did they realise how detrimental their “distracted parenting” was to their relationship with their children in the long-term, they also pledged to spend more quality time with their children.


Both regular and celebrity parents could relate, and connected to the social experiment immediately. It garnered immense participation from parents who used Whatsapp groups as a medium to spread the message. The entire campaign drove tons of conversations across digital among parents, which led them to spend quality time with their children. The brand also received

Conversations. Mentions. Reactions.

  • 10 million

    pledges from the parents.
  • 20 Mn+

    video views
  • 1Mn

    DIT kits sold on Amazon.



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