The Smart Bidding Strategy For The Smart Marketer

Advertising in the digital universe requires the expertise of smart marketing pilots. Do you know what goes on in a pilot’s mind before every ad takes-off to make an impact out there? The answer is Returns and Great Experiences. Bidding Strategy is the power-booster, which will help smart marketing pilots to achieve this. Presenting four important pointers to help you in your bidding strategy, and maximize your returns and deliver great experiences. 1. Volume-based Optimization To Get Incremental Value Keywords have levels of...

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LIQVD ASIA Wins 10 Foxglove Awards. And Many Hearts.

The belief to do something that’s never been done before, and the gumption to actually make that happen - has brought us big results! The year is 2015. Most of the large agencies are already dominating traditional awards. Many new agencies have begun operations; some in this year, and some earlier. Can these new agencies establish creative supremacy without losing emphasis on business effectiveness? Enter Foxglove Awards – the Afaqs! event that gives agencies less than 12-years old the opportunity...

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Concept Communication Buys Majority Stake in LIQVD Asia

Mumbai-headquartered Liqvd started operations in January 2013.
Concept Communication Ltd has acquired a majority stake in Liqvd Asia, an experiential digital marketing company, for an undisclosed amount. With this, the two founding members of Liqvd Asia – Arnab Mitra and Zubin Nalawalla – along with their team of 28 will become a part of the Concept Group driving the digital mandate in the country & some other selected markets of Asia, as per a statement. Liqvd Asia started operations...

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Guest Column: Branded content must be ‘discoverable’, not forced upon consumers

fs_54964Television media mongers are trying to play the digital video game through the rules known to them. Is that helping a brand? Guess no. However, the fix is simple. Acceptance. Marketers are often repurposing and using TV ads online in pre-roll or mid-roll spots. The ads launch automatically without the device user having any choice in the matter and the TV ads are generally out of context with the content around the ads.

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A Connected Reality That Will Shake Media Myths & Marketing Dinosaurs

Are we bored yet on hearing the same things about social media? Don’t get me wrong – social media has received its due fame but the question is whether it is telling the complete story. Social may have changed the face of marketing but its story is biased towards the minority that is active and participative on various social platforms. Are most of us like this commune? Remember the 1:9:90 rule?

Let’s take...

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There is Nothing Called Digital Media

The internet enables people to go from being just customers to become members of a company or co-creators in the culture surrounding a product. The consequences of this is much larger than we give it credit for – and the reason for us underestimating the potential of change is our ability to give huge measurements, mediocre names and tags not fit to reflect the potential of change that they carry. By referencing several of these current changes as social media, digital...

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